Medical Reserve Corps

Officially established in September 2014, the Knox County Medical Reserve Corps is the volunteer unit maintained by the Knox County Health Department. The KCMRC is a group of volunteers that is able to assist the health department by providing additional staff during emergency operations, and preparedness activities. It is open to both medial and non-medical volunteers, and anyone over the age of 18 can join.
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What is the Medical Reserve Corps?

The Medical Reserve Corps is a network of volunteer groups dedicated to improving the health and preparedness of the communities they serve.  Medical Reserve Corps volunteers include both medical and nonmedical members working towards improving the health of the community and preparing for and responding to emergencies such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

Knox County Medical Reserve Corps Mission:

The mission of the Knox County Medical Reserve Corps is to work with medical and nonmedical volunteers to support the emergency preparedness and response efforts for Knox County through the Knox County Health Department.  This mission will be achieved by participating in trainings, exercises, medical countermeasure dispensing, and other preparedness and response activities to better prepare and serve the community in the event of a disaster or emergency.

Knox County Medical Reserve Corps Strives to:

  • Contribute to the emergency preparedness and response efforts for Knox County.
  • Provide a meaningful volunteer experience to KCMRC volunteers.

How can I volunteer?

For a Volunteer Application, click here.

Those interested in volunteering can also contact the MRC Unit Coordinator at or visit to register as a volunteer. More information on the Medical Reserve Corps is available from the Unit Coordinator or at MRC | Home (

Volunteer Newsletters:

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