Knox County Food Inspections

The Knox County Health Department's food protection program follows a risk-based inspection approach, with an emphasis on eliminating Foodborne Illness Risk Factors - the violations which are more likely to lead to consumers getting sick.  Food Establishments with a higher relative risk of causing foodborne illness (based on the large number of food handling operations, vulnerable populations served, or special processes conducted) are inspected more frequently than food establishments with a lower relative risk of causing foodborne illness. 

Please be advised that inspections only provide a snapshot of a food establishment's practices, as they are based on what is seen at the time of the inspection. If an establishment does not do well during an inspection, Health Department Staff work to educate the food establishment workers to assist with preventing repeat violations.

Food establishments in Knox County are inspected routinely and unannounced depending on the risk assessment classification assigned to each food establishment. Risk assessments are based on the Illinois Food Code and the Knox County Food Safety Ordinance and other applicable food safety regulations.

Health Inspections for restaurants and food establishments in Knox County can be found at Public Health Inspections

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