Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division protects public health through its services and programs which are designed to promote healthy environmental conditions and reduce the risks associated with communicable diseases. 

Health department employee filling a mobile handwashing station

Services and programs within Environmental Health include:
Food Safety
The Food Safety and Food Protection programs and services work to identify, reduce, and eliminate factors in food service operations that have the potential to create foodborne illness. 

Septic System
The Private Sewage Disposal Program works to reduce the risk of disease and environmental impact created by improper disposal of domestic sewage. 

Water Wells
The Potable Water program reduces the risk of transmission and contraction of waterborne diseases by protecting water quality. 

Body Art and Tanning
Inspections of body art and tanning establishments reduces the risk of bloodborne pathogens, improper sanitation, and risk associated with UV exposure. 

Lead Poisoning Prevention
The Knox County Health Department provides childhood blood lead screenings. If elevated blood lead levels are detected, environmental lead investigation services are provided. 

Mosquito and Vector Diseases
Mosquitos, bats, and ticks can spread disease in West Central Illinois. The Knox County Health Department tests mosquitos and dead birds for West Nile Disease from May to September. Bats which have come into close contact or bitten a person should be tested for rabies. 

Radon test kits are for sale from the Knox County Health Department. 

Well Sealing Demonstration