Septic Systems

Private Sewage Disposal Program 
The goal of the Knox County Private Sewage Disposal Program is to minimize the risk of disease transmission as well as reduction of adverse environmental conditions created by the improper disposal of domestic sewage. 

Program services include: 
  • Issuance of Onsite Wastewater Disposal permits
  • Complaint investigations 
Septic InstallationForms
Onsite Wastewater Disposal Permit Application 
Onsite Wastewater Variance Request 

Codes and Ordinances
Knox County Onsite Wastewater Disposal Ordinance
Portable Sanitation, Private Sewage Pumper, and Private Sewage Installer Continuing Education
All individuals licensed as a private sewage disposal system pumping contractor, private sewage disposal system installation contractor, or certified as a portable sanitation technician are required to obtain 3 hours of continuing education.

Additional Information and Education
Septic and Well Brochure 
Trees and Roots info Brochure 
Septic Smart Homeowner's Guide
Information on Applying for a Permit

Licensed Private Sewer Contractor
To find a licensed private sewer contractor, please refer the IDPH search.